Down Stream Soft Washing Basics

What Is Down Stream Soft Washing With A Pressure Washing Machine?

Downstream soft washing is a form of soft washing that utilizes a high- pressure pump that forces a mixture of water and cleaning solution through the pressure washer’s nozzle. The injector works by using the venturi effect to draw soap into the water stream. The down stream injector is installed after the high pressure pump (down stream from the pump). A large orifice tip/nozzle is used to apply chemicals to the surface around 100-300 PSI. Down streaming is the most common method used to apply chemicals to most surfaces at a low, safe pressure. The only downside to down streaming is that the soap draw ratio is limited to around 10-20% depending on the injector type, injector size, pressure washing machine GPM / PSI, hose length / ID, and tip size. So for surfaces that need a stronger cleaning solution such as roofs and heavily soiled concrete, a dedicated soft washing pump or a pump sprayer will be needed.

Situations Where A Down Stream Injector Could Be Used:

  • To Soft Wash Surfaces With Mild Organic Stains
    • To Pre & Post Treat Mildly Soiled Concrete & Pavers
    • To Apply Bleach Neutralizer

    What Attachments Are Needed For Down Streaming?

    Down Stream Injector

    First things first. You need a down stream injector with a 1/4" chemical/soap draw line and a filter to keep debris from clogging the injector. We recommend fixed chemical injectors rather than adjustable injectors due to them being the most reliable & easiest to use.

    Quick Connect Attachments, Suction Hose, & Filter

    Most exterior cleaning professionals use 3/8" quick connects to install their down stream injectors. This allows for quick and easy maintenance and replacement when needed. A 1/4" chemical/soap draw hose is required to feed the injector. We recommend to not use more than a 10' draw hose if possible. Long suction/draw hoses will decrease performance. A 1/4" barbed poly fitting is recommended to help prevent debris from clogging the chemical injector.

    Correct Sized Nozzles/Tips To Draw Chemicals

    To get an ideal chemical draw from your down stream injector for soft washing, you will need to be getting around 100-300 PSI at the nozzle/tip. Most machines come with a properly sized black "soap" tip with a large orifice, however there are much better options for exterior cleaning professionals who want to wash efficiently and get more distance for washing multilevel homes and buildings. Keep in mind, the larger the orifice, the LESS PSI your machine will produce at the tip while smaller orifices will produce MORE PSI at the tip. The M5DS Nozzle is an absolute game changer for down stream soft washing. It is a large orifice adjustable nozzle that allows you to adjust from a wide fan pattern to a zero degree pattern for reaching 2-3 stories. It is great for applying chemicals and rinsing. To achieve even more distance, a shooter tip can be added and paired with the M5DS. This creates an even tighter pattern than the M5DS and is also great for knocking down nests, webs, and stubborn organic growth like moss or lichen. To pair the two nozzles, a 2 piece J-rod holder or Matrix Nozzle Holder can be used. While we have suggested sizes listed for the down streaming tip combos we sell, feel free to reach out if you still need help selecting the correct tips for your specific needs.

    Upgrades To Add Performance And Make Your Down Streaming System More Efficient

    There are a few ways to upgrade a down stream soft washing set up so that you can work more efficiently and get better performance such as injector bypass kits, remote kits, chemical selection/metering kits and check valve adapters. While these upgrades aren’t 100% necessary to down stream soft wash, they make a huge difference in efficiency and performance for exterior cleaning professionals who use their down streaming system daily.

    Hopefully this short article has helped you better understand the down stream soft washing method and the attachments needed to down stream using your pressure washing machine. If you have questions or need help selecting the right attachments for your specific needs, we are here to help!

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