We are an online supplier for professional cleaners. We do not have a store front for walk in customers. All communications regarding an order must be made through email or using the chat feature on our site. This ensures that there isn't miscommunication and keeps a track record of all conversations. All orders must be placed online. After an order has been placed online, we are unable to add items to the order. You will need to place another order to add items. This is no big deal on your end since shipping is free. Some pressure washers and hose reels are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer to save you money. The lead time provided is only an estimate and can fluctuate daily. For a more accurate lead time, feel free to contact us. Prices are subject to change without notice. In the event of a database crash or interruption, any affected order will be refunded and need to be re-purchased by the customer. Customers will be notified in such an event.  

We Can’t Give Cleaning Advice Because We Aren’t There At Your Job Site

Please do not tie up our staff asking how to clean a particular surface. We only sell to professional cleaning contractors who should be knowledgeable enough to read the very simple product descriptions and instructions on our website and then do test spots as needed to achieve a desirable outcome. We can’t help you if we aren’t on your job site. On top of having detailed product descriptions and directions on our website, we admin a Facebook Support Group for any additional questions regarding the cleaning process. We may see your question in there and answer it before others do. However, anyone is allowed to comment and give advice in that group. We are not responsible for any negative outcomes resulting from advice given in the group. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DO TEST SPOTS rather than reaching out to our supply store for advice on how to clean. We are happy to respond promptly to questions about an order you are placing or have placed though. That’s our job as a supplier and we are great at it!


We try our best to keep pictures/videos up to date. Unfortunately, on some items, slight differences happen from time to time. Pictures are for reference use and we are not liable for small differences on items. Please feel free to contact us to make sure the item in the picture/video is up to date. Items that are shown attached to another product (for example the downstream injector bypass kit and injector) are to illustrate how the products are to be used. Items that are faded out, are typically not included as part of the standard package.  


We only ship within the continental US, excluding: Alaska, California, and Hawaii. All packages that are sent to a residential address are sent "No Signature Required". Your package will be left where the carrier driver feels best to leave it. If your package is stolen or misplaced it is between you and the carrier to resolve the issue. We will assist in the process the best we can but will not be liable for the loss as it is not our fault. If your order is lost by the carrier, we will need to put in a claim. We will not re-ship your order or refund you until our claim has been processed or the package arrives back to our facility. In the past, we have had many customers end up getting both the original package and the re-shipment and attempt to keep both. For this reason, you will need to place an additional order if you need the parts shipped out before the claim is processed. Once we receive the reimbursement from the carrier for the lost package or the package is returned to our facility, we will reimburse you for the original order. We apologize that we are unable to use the good faith system anymore in this industry. We stay very busy and do everything we can to ship your order out as soon as possible. We typically have a 7 business day lead time for orders to ship. Please allow us at least 7 business days before inquiring on the ETA of your order. If you are in a pinch for a product and are unable to wait on our lead time, please do not place that order with us. These products can often be found at nearby pressure washing supply stores and we are happy to assist you in finding a retail supplier to meet your needs. If you decide you can’t wait and want to cancel an order you placed with us, there will be a 20% restocking fee NO EXCEPTIONS. In the case of some products like pressure washers, hose reels, and custom equipment, shipping may take a few weeks to ship. Upon delivery of your order please inspect packages for visible shipping damage. If damage is apparent, please let the driver know. If you open the package and damage is found, please reach out immediately so we can get the claim process started for you. Replacement product(s) will be shipped to you after the claim is resolved. You will receive your tracking number when the shipping label has been printed. Sometimes the carrier may take a few days to pick up your order. Once they have picked up your order, you will be able to track it.  

Back Orders

If an item is back ordered, you will be notified and will have the choice of:

Deleting the item from your order.

Holding your order until the back order comes in.

Shipping the order minus the back order.

Missing Items

Mistakes happen, and we'll gladly correct them. However, all packages must be examined for order accuracy upon receipt. If an item is missing, please notify us within (5) business days of delivery (as determined by your tracking number's delivery date). Once notified, we will conduct a parts audit to determine if an error has been made. If the audit indicates the part was not sent, we will send you the missing item at no additional charge. 


Some products we sell are covered under the manufactures warranty. Warranties are not transferable. Purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. In the event your return does not qualify for warranty coverage due to user misuse or neglect you will be contacted and given the option of having it returned “as is” or being disposed of at our facility. Any additional fees incurred as a result of this will be covered by the customer. Local EPA regulations will not allow us to dispose of Diaphragm Pumps and some electrical components in a standard dumpster. These items will be assessed a $15 disposal fee. 20%

Restocking Fee For Returned Items NO EXCEPTIONS!

We will only accept returns on items that are unopened or unused within 7 business days of the delivery date. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. We will inspect returned items when we receive them and issue a refund for 80% of the original purchase cost. If the item appears to have been opened, used, or defected in anyway, you will be given the option to pay the shipping cost to send back to you. NO RETURNS ON PRESSURE WASHING MACHINES, PUMPS, OR SOFT WASH PUMPS! 

Payment Options 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Shop Pay 


We take theft very seriously and will press criminal charges for larceny if someone disputes their transaction with their bank (regardless of the dollar amount). Our software allows us to monitor each transaction and track IP addresses. We know that most of our customers would never do something dishonest like this, however, there are some bad people out there and this is our friendly warning.

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