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  • Heavy Duty Push Broom

    Heavy Duty Push Broom

    Heavy Duty Outdoor Push Broom


  • AquaDozer Max 24” Straight Squeegee

    AquaDozer Max 24” Straight Squeegee

    Unger's AquaDozer MAX Smooth Surface Floor Squeegee was designed to tackle the toughest outdoor clean-up jobs. It features a curved or rounded hood and Maxwave technology to move 50% more water, slush, and debris than other standard floor squeegees. The galvanized steel construction provides plenty of strength and durability. When it comes to moving large volumes of water or debris, AquaDozer MAX is the choice of semi-professionals and DIYers. Best on smooth surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Unger's Professional-grade Dual End Aluminum Pole is threaded on each end with angled cones to adapt to all types of attachments. Includes a screw-on, comfort-grip handle that threads on easily to either side of the pole to allow for better grip when using a variety of tool attachments. Works with floor or window squeegees, brooms, brushes, painting, and other attachments.


  • S 4 Twin Push Sweeper

    S 4 Twin Push Sweeper

    Greatly reduce the amount of time required to sweep your driveway, sidewalks, garage and other large areas with the S 4 Twin Push Sweeper. This sturdy, corrosion-resistant sweeper has a total sweeping width of 26.8" and features a powerful roller brush and two side brushes. The mechanical sweeper draws debris directly into its 5.25 gallon waste container and delivers outstanding cleaning results. It's extremely easy to maneuver, and the extra long bristles on the side brushes ensure thorough cleaning right up to edges. The adjustable, infinitely variable push handle can be easily adjusted to the height of each user, and can also be easily collapsed as without stooping thanks to a footplate at the frame and can carried by the handle anywhere for space-saving storage. The waste container can be easily removed and emptied without coming into contact with dirt. The S 4 Twin is exponentially quieter than a blower and captures dust, rather than blowing it around. Its push-powered design means no electricity or gas is needed.


  • Heavy Duty Broom & Dust Pan

    Heavy Duty Broom & Dust Pan

    Heavy Duty Outdoor Broom & Dust Pan 


Brooms, Sweepers & Squeegees

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