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  • 10 in. Nylon Bumpered Wash Brush Head

    Gently Wash Products 10 in. Nylon Bumpered Wash Brush Head

    10 in. Nylon Bumpered Wash Brush Head   Highly functional, industrial brush that is great for all surfaces


  • Gutter Cleaning Tool

    Gently Wash Products Gutter Cleaning Tool

    Gutter Cleaning Tool     Threaded Design,Made of premium material, it is with high toughesss, not easy to deform, you can use it for long time. Unique shaped hook to pull debris under gutter hangers and clean behind skylights and other roof structures. With the unique gutter cleaning tool, you can clean many more areas in your gutters while you move your ladder much less. It is suitable for gutters to clean up leaves or dirty in the skylight roof for villas, townhouses, ditch, sewers, where the hands cannot reach. Ergonomic gutter cleaning tool that attaches to most extension poles Allows you to hang this tool from the ladder rungs when you need your hands.    


Poles & Attachments

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